The U.S. S. Adirondack was an Ossipee class wooden screw sloop built in 1861 at the New York Navy Yard. She was launched on February 22, 1862 and commissioned in June of the same year. This union gun boat was 207 feet long, had a 38 foot beam, weighed 1,240 gross tons, and was powered by both sail and steam. The Adirondack was part of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron. On August 23, 1862, while on a voyage from Port Royal to Nassau, she ran aground on Little Bahama Bank. Her crew was rescued by the vessel Canandaigua, but all salvage attempts of the ship failed. The Adirondack broke up in the surf and sunk. The scattered remains of this warship rest in l0 to 30 feet of water. Divers can still see two of her eleven inch bore cannons that are about twelve feet long and weigh about 10,000 pounds each. Twelve smaller cannons can also be sighted while exploring the wreckage.